St. Tanwg’s, Harlech

Saint Tanwg is not one of the better known saints, and many a theologian would scratch her head before admitting she’d never heard of him.

Wikipedia is our turn-to source, but even that’s not too forthcoming. He probably lived in the 6th century, and may have been the son of Ithel of Armorica (that’s Armorica, not America) which was an ancient name for Brittany.

That’s about it. He’s not recognised by the Catholic church, which is a shame as he almost certainly would have been a Catholic.

There are two churches in Britain dedicated to him — this one and the one in the dunes two miles down the road, presumably where he first beached.

Usual Sunday Services: 09:45
1st & 3rd: Morning Prayer
2nd & 4th: Holy Communion

Wednesday 10:00
Holy Communion