Along with Snowdon, Harlech Castle, Zip World and the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway, Portmeirion is one of the biggest draws in North Wales. But there are cute little narrow gauge railways all over the place — there is nothing in the world like Portmeirion.

Except perhaps Portofino in Italy. Well, there’s a passing resemblance, because architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis spent his honeymoon in Portofino before World War One, and inspired by the colours and the charm, he decided to build his own version in North Wales.

What happened was pure magic. Long before Cadw or English Heritage came into being, Clough created a “home for retired buildings”, collecting beautiful but threatened structures from over the country and reërecting them here.

It’s packed with follies and fragments, with nooks and crannies, with views and teas. As we said, it is unique, and it really should be first on your Must See list — after Harlech Castle of course. (Hint: Portmeirion is more fun).