The house stands in just over an acre of walled gardens. Although they are walled, there are plenty of places to climb over so it’s not dog-proof or child-proof and there is no gate at the end of the drive, so keep an eye on pets and young children.

We have a lot of pine trees, enough in our little acre to be officially classed under EU law as a forest. We are pruning them out, one by one, but tree surgeons don’t come cheap.

The BBQ is made of a special metal which rusts the moment it comes out of its packaging. We are looking for a stainless steel BBQ, but it hasn’t occurred to anyone to make one yet.

Garden Layout

The parts of the Garden

Gardd Modurdy: Garage Garden
Gardd Golchty: Laundry Garden
Gardd Cegin: Kitchen Garden
Gardd Rhodfa: Terraced Garden
Gardd Lle Badd: Bathroom Garden
Tän: Fire
Bryn Rhedyn: Bracken Slope
Banc Gorllewin: West Bank
Banc Gorllewin De: South West Bank