In the event of a cancellation, guests may be due a partial refund, dependent on how long before the holiday start date notice of cancellation is given to me.

• Less than 21 days notice – No refund
• 22-35 days notice – 10% of the total accommodation cost
• 36-49 days notice – 20% of the total accommodation cost
• 50-63 days notice – 40% of the total accommodation cost
• More than 63 days notice – the guest’s liability for the remainder of the balance will be waived or the balance refunded if this has been paid previously.

If a refund is due, it will be paid within 10 working days of cancellation.

When a booking has been taken with a deposit which is less than my standard deposit (of 1/3 of the total accommodation cost plus booking fee), the guest will, upon cancellation, be liable to pay the difference between the reduced deposit and my standard deposit.

For all cancellations, the booking fee (where applicable) and any extras will be retained.