Snowdon & Murmur-y-DonMurmur-y-Don is a 1907 Arts & Crafts style house set in just over an acre of land on the top of Harlech Cliff. The location is sensational.

This is generally agreed to be the finest view in Wales (that’s Snowdon in the picture above), and a distant ancestor of ours gave the field in front of the house to the National Trust to preserve the view in perpetuity.

Will you like it? It’s a Marmite house — you’ll love it or hate it. Almost everyone loves it; a very few can’t cope with graceful old age.

Here’s what’s in the house.

Here’s a description of the garden.

All about the beach.

What to do in the Harlech area.

Here’s a short (60 seconds) drone video of the house and surroundings, shot by my great-nephew Tim Lees in October 2015.