WiFi Cameras

Homeowners are constantly bombarded with ads for ‘wifi cameras’, clever little CCTV-type devices which you can plant around your home and which will broadcast live footage to wherever you choose, so you can relax in comfort 250 miles away while watching burglars trash your house.

There are other, sunnier aspects of the devices. You can watch the weather, and in the case of Murmur-y-Don we could check that the sea’s still there when we’re away.

They’re now so small and cheap that you could fit one unobtrusively in every room.

And here comes the big problem, the elephant in each corner.

If we were to do this, what’s to stop us spying on our guests, or — even more unsavoury — playing at Peeping Tom?

Obviously we’re not going to be doing that. But now I’ve put the thought in your head, what if we were to announce in large letters on Murmur-y-Don’s Airbnb site that we have made a deliberate decision NOT to install wifi cameras in the house, so guests will have complete privacy?

Wouldn’t every other rentable villa, apartment, flat, house, palace, cottage, castle &c have to follow suit and make the same declaration?

Otherwise the assumption would have to be that those owners who don’t make the declaration HAVE installed cameras and they ARE looking at you.

Should I put the cat among the pigeons?

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