Refunds due to COVID-19

Who could have foretold that someone who simply fancied a little snack of deep-fried bat in an obscure Chinese megalopolis in 2019 could have shut down most of the Western world for two years?

We thought 2020 was bad enough, but it looks as if we are going to have to live with this terrible plague for another year. We all need a holiday, and Murmur-y-Don is calling to you! The house hates to be left alone.

If you do book a holiday in Murmur-y-Don and the Welsh or the English government forbids you from going due to Covid-19 restrictions, I will immediately refund your booking payment.

I have a second home in London which is presently in National Lockdown, so I’m not allowed to go to Harlech. Like you, we have no idea when we’ll be allowed to travel again.

As a Living National Treasure* I have been lucky enough to get my first vaccination, the Pfizer/BioNTech jab (it didn’t feel at all cold) but I won’t have the second, effective one until April 19th. Let’s hope we all get the jab as soon as possible so we can resume a semblance of normality.

*My wife says it’s just because I’m old.

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