Walking In Lower Snowdonia:

Inspiration For A General Election

Prime Minister Theresa May took a holiday in Meirionydd a couple of weeks ago. No doubt she chose it because it was one of the five regions of Wales to vote Remain in the Brexit referendum in June last year, and as someone who campaigned to remain in the EU she felt happier among like-minded pobl.

She stayed at the Penmaenuchaf Hall Hotel in Penmaenpool, 17 miles and half an hour away from us. I’m sorry to say I’ve never been there, but it looks lovely.

On her contemplative walks in the area she had a great idea — ‘never mind what I said earlier, and never mind that there’s a law passed in 2010 which mandates fixed term elections, let’s have one NOW! We’ll just repeal the inconvenient law. ‘

She’s leading the polls by a zillion percent because poor Jeremy Corbyn really isn’t much of an opposition. I think even I might be cleverer than him. And who else is there? Plaid Cymru will undoubtedly win in this area, but curiously they won’t win enough seats to form the main opposition to the Tories in Westminster.

I see the SNP holding on to their seats, the Labour party haemorrhaging theirs, and the Lib Dems doing surprisingly well as they’re the only party to stand up for the 48% of us who voted to remain with the EU. If they get 48% of the vote we will be living in even more interesting times.

Meanwhile we can experience our own walking epiphanies. Here (courtesy of The Guardian) are the routes Theresa took. They’re not yet listed in the Walks section on the harlech.org website because we haven’t done them, but I still think if you’re in that area it would be hard to beat the Precipice Walk.

Let us know what you think, if you do these walks?

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  1. Gwyn Headley
    Gwyn Headley says:

    Well I got that one completely wrong, as did the pollsters, the politicians, the pundits and Mrs May. At least I was right about Plaid Cymru. I was very disappointed at the Lib Dem result, as usual. May still won more votes than Corbyn, but she’s now leading a lame duck government propped up by Ulster’s oddball Democratic Unionist Party, having bunged them a billion pounds to ensure their support. I didn’t know the Conservative party had a billion pounds to dish out. I wonder where they found it? Oh — so that’s what N.I. stands for on my payslip.


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