Is there a glimmer of hope?

Today, Friday June 19th 2020, the BBC Wales website says:

Tourism industry is being told to prepare for self-contained accommodation, such as caravans and cottages, to take bookings from 13 July.

I do hope this means we can get back to Murmur-y-Don. I haven’t been allowed back into my home since March 5th, when I broke my ankle and the nearest hospital with a working X-Ray machine was in North London.

There’s still food in the fridge. The beds are unmade. The house won’t have been dusted or hoovered for four months.

This is trivial compared to the suffering experienced by those who caught Covid-19 and their families and friends, I know. We have only lost one dear friend, Rita Boogaart, who died in the Netherlands on April 14th. We have been fortunate.

I can’t wait to get back to my house. I am experiencing the full force of hiraeth.