Windows On The World

We had new upstairs windows put in Murmur-y-Don at the end of the last century. With the quality of British wood available then, they have now rotted in their smart new lead-lined dormers, which themselves were installed at vaste expence in 2005.

So we’ve bitten the bullet, and ordered new windows for the first floor, and the kitchen. They are sealed double glazed units, still made out of timber because we abhor plastic windows, but allegedly identical to the design we have here at present. The timber is guaranteed for several years and it will have to be, given how the weather treats us here in the winter.

Fitting is scheduled for the week beginning August 15th, our prime letting time. We couldn’t see any way round it, as the frames won’t be ready till July, when the house is booked — and the last thing you want to do on holiday is arrive to find the house shrouded in scaffolding and wake up in the morning to see a couple of hairy builders peering in at you through a hole where the window used to be.

It had to be August, and the first week I have a court case, and the second week I have a hospital appointment postponed since January, so it has to be the third week.

We can’t wait to see how they will look. And it will be such a change to be able to open and close the windows.