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Our poor old 1907 weathervane rusted into place over 40 years ago, the wind always coming from the East South East. I found some wonderful weathervanes online, made to order. I scrolled through and found a Welsh Dragon — perfect for Murmur-y-Don. It wasn’t cheap at all, but I bit my lip and ordered it. […]

Antony Worrall Thompson

I bought this Antony Worrall Thompson-branded barbecue last year, struck by its shiny stainless-steel type legs. Here it is after a year on our sheltered verandah: Should I buy any other product branded with this man’s name? This reminds me of Krusty The Klown’s all-purpose endorsement: I Heartily Endorse This Product Or Service.


Sitting on the top of a cliff as we are (or, in the modern ungrammatical parlance, SAT on the top of a cliff as we are) and with a 210° exposure, we enjoy more than our fair share of weather. Wind and rain leaving Ireland have no place to stop until they hit Murmur-y-Don. And […]

Bye Bye Pylons

You look at them and you always wonder “Who decided they wanted these hideous pylons marching over the hillsides? And who allowed them to do it?” We never find out. We just have to live with the visual blight. For decades the Maentwrog, Llandecwyn and Penrhyndeudraeth area has been dominated by an intrusive array of […]

The Builders of Pont Briwet

How interesting. If you have read some of my whinges over the years you’ll have heard of the appalling build overrun at Pont Briwet, the link between Harlech and Porthmadog. It used to be a 100 metre toll bridge until it was closed for rebuilding in 2013. For reasons not disclosed to we οἱ πολλοί […]

Plastic Guttering

Don’t I cover the most thrilling subjects? In the week that Pont Briwet reopens after being closed for 20 months and almost crippling the local economy, I’m going to write about gutters. For years I have been hankering after cast-iron gutters hand-made by J & J W Longbottom of Huddersfield. I bought my air bricks […]


I’m not much of a DIYer, so when I noticed rectangular patches of rust round the bottom of the exterior walls of Murmur-y-Don, I simply painted them white. I hadn’t a clue what they were supposed to be. Then the other day when I jabbed a paintbrush at one of them, it collapsed completely. There […]

Windows On The World

We had new upstairs windows put in Murmur-y-Don at the end of the last century. With the quality of British wood available then, they have now rotted in their smart new lead-lined dormers, which themselves were installed at vaste expence in 2005. So we’ve bitten the bullet, and ordered new windows for the first floor, […]


You’l need a strong stomach for this one. You’ll be able to read about our constant — altercations with aunts, Andrew, animals, authors … — battles with the builders, the bin men, the Barclay twins, the bank, burrowing mammals, BT … — confrontations with the council, the clergy, the Co-Op, the castle … — disputes […]