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2018 Prices

Well, this is one of the more riveting blog posts I’ll be making this year. I’ve just posted the price list for Murmur-y-Don rentals for 2018 on the harlech.org website. As I know you won’t be able to curb your enthusiasm, I’m providing a direct link http://www.harlech.org/?page_id=96 right here. The prices are the same as last […]

Walking In Lower Snowdonia:

Inspiration For A General Election Prime Minister Theresa May took a holiday in Meirionydd a couple of weeks ago. No doubt she chose it because it was one of the five regions of Wales to vote Remain in the Brexit referendum in June last year, and as someone who campaigned to remain in the EU […]

Helicopter crash

The mountains behind the house are called the Rhinogs, and the biggest is the dome-shaped one called Moelfre, 549 metres high. Stand outside the kitchen window, look over the garage and you can’t miss it. Sadly neither did a helicopter this week. Five people were killed when one crashed in the Rhinogs. A major air […]


54 year old Alistair Aitchison is probably not the most popular person to pass through Harlech. He may be the owner of an opaque Gibraltar company which owns two of the most noticeable buildings in the town after the castle —  the old St David’s Hotel and the residential tower block for Coleg Harlech, the only skyscraper to […]

The Study

Flushed with success at releathering an old desk in London, I set my sights on a bigger project. Not just a desk but my whole study, the throbbing nerve centre of fotoLibra in North West Wales. My desk had been looking a little tired for years and I hadn’t really noticed; much like the growth […]

Fuse Boxes

It sort of came to a head last year when a visitor to Murmur-y-Don rang to say the upstairs lights had fused. “No problem!” I chortled merrily. “The fuse box is under the stairs and all you have to do is locate the holder for the broken fuse, pull it out of its bakelite range of […]

Between Two Fires

As a child I used to lie in bed staring at this reproduction picture on my bedroom wall, the Green Room in Murmur-y-Don. I was gripped by it, and made up endless stories about the characters. When the bedroom was redecorated the picture was never rehung, and gradually I forgot about it. I rediscovered it […]

Ten Epic Train Journeys

The Guardian recently listed the ten most epic train journeys in the world. Here’s the list: 1. Jungfraubahn, Switzerland 2. Dovey Junction to Pwllheli, Wales 3. Jasper to Vancouver, Canada 4. Windhoek to Swakopmund, Namibia 5. Chicago to San Francisco, USA 6. Kristinehamn to Gällivare, Sweden 7. Belgrade to Bar, Serbia & Montenegro 8. Cape […]