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LIDAR and the Morfa

Morfa Harlech is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It’s the sand dunes you can see behind the beach from the round window. But if you look at it through LIDAR, a laser view which strips away all the vegetation, a remarkable sight comes into view. It’s a long cursus with semi-circular ends. It’s not […]

Refunds due to COVID-19

Who could have foretold that someone who simply fancied a little snack of deep-fried bat in an obscure Chinese megalopolis in 2019 could have shut down most of the Western world for two years? We thought 2020 was bad enough, but it looks as if we are going to have to live with this terrible […]

Waxing Lyrical

In preparation for welcoming our summer visitors after lockdown I ordered two litres of Antiquax liquid floor polish for the oak flooring in Murmur-y-Don. I use knee pads, as the job would be impossible without them. So I started waxing on Tuesday morning, with a large coarse floor cloth and wearing gardening gloves. The vapour […]

Is there a glimmer of hope?

Today, Friday June 19th 2020, the BBC Wales website says: Tourism industry is being told to prepare for self-contained accommodation, such as caravans and cottages, to take bookings from 13 July. I do hope this means we can get back to Murmur-y-Don. I haven’t been allowed back into my home since March 5th, when I […]

What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

When one wins a Guinness World Record, there are only ever three reactions: 1. CONGRATULATIONS!! or 2. Silence, or 3. “I know one that’s far bigger / faster / steeper.” I am delighted by the first, I quite understand the second, but the third — which incidentally is the most common — leaves me completely baffled. Harlech […]

Cooked up in Cymru

A culinary trip from Caernarfon to Conwy offers wine, whisky and fine produce a world away from rarebit and laverbread* An article by Liz Boulter in The Guardian, Saturday 14 July 2018 Sitting at a sunny table a stone’s throw from the vines, savouring the citrus and berry notes in fine white and rosé wines, […]

The Steepest Street in the World

Here’s an interesting fact. I suffer under the impression that Wales gets overlooked, that we punch below our weight on the world stage. It would be interesting to see how often Wales is mentioned in world media as opposed to, say, Israel or Slovenia, which are about the same size. I guess it’s less. If […]

What a location!

OK, I’m the proud owner of Murmur-y-Don so I’m allowed to exhibit a little bit of bias, but honestly how many other houses anywhere can claim the following: UNESCO World Heritage Site National Park National Nature Reserve SSSI — Site of Special Scientific Interest National Coast Path It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of Harlech […]

Foodie North Wales

I was reading The Guardian on Saturday (and in case you get any ideas I read a different paper every day for balance) and came across this wonderful article about food and drink in North Wales by the excellent travel writer Liz Boulter: https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2018/jul/14/north-wales-gastro-tour-wine-food-whisky-restaurants In case the link doesn’t work for you I’ve copied the […]